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Blog Your Way to Success

Reports show that business blogging can result in almost 70 per cent more B2B marketing leads and 97 per cent more inbound links to the website. Blogging for business can attract traffic to your website, which in turn may increase your conversion rates.

Here are 5 tips for improving your business blog.

1. Cross link

Blogs offer a great way to informally cross link your post to related posts or your business product or service. Doing so will add value for the reader and increase your SEO results.

In fact, careful cross linking between your business blog and website is an excellent search engine marketing method. Consider using both limited reciprocal and inbound links.

2. SEO tools

Using professional SEO tools will provide detailed analysis and identify opportunities for improvement.

For example, Microsoft’s IIS SEO Toolkit can provide customised reports through site analysis, robots exclusion and site index modules. On the other hand, the Google Keyword Planner will help you craft popular keywords for your blog through analysing a years’ worth of popular keywords.

3. Utilise social content

Instead of spending all of your energy creating content and pushing it out to readers, let them comment and create their own content. That is, encourage readers to post questions or comments so that you can create an open dialogue. Doing so will engage your readers and increase web traffic.

4. Encourage international sharing

Blogs are a great way to encourage readers to share what they like through social media platforms. However, if you have an international business, considering adding additional sharing options outside of the most popular local sites, such as Facebook, X and Instagram. Offering alternative social media sites will showcase your international presence.

5. Establish your expertise

A blog is an excellent way to establish your niche expertise and unique business experience. It will allow you to showcase your knowledge, share your professional opinion and thoughtfully comment on current industry changes. All of this will result in a professional and competent image, which is very useful for investment purposes.

For example, a blog encourages potential peer-to-peer lenders to look into your company and start a two-way conversation.

Blogs are a simple way to connect with others, share information and increase your online business presence. Improving your business blog will increase traffic, conversion rates and your revenue. This can be done through cross linking, using SEO tools and using social content. Encouraging international sharing and establishing your expertise will also improve your blog’s effectiveness.

SOURCE: ZenBusiness

Blog Your Way to Success

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