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7 Clever Ways to Turn Your Old Blog Posts Into Cash

Ever started a blog, written a few dozen entries on a topic you care about, seen the comments trickle in, and then gotten bored and quit? The 3 encouraging comments that seemed wonderful when you started the blog don’t seem quite so wonderful now that you’ve been consistently blogging for a year with not much result. Has all that precious time been wasted?

Not if you can find gold nuggets in your archives. Whether you’re a blogger who has quit or a blogger who continues (even begrudgingly), your blog archives can be a very good source of material for both active and passive income that can build over time.

Here are 7 clever ways for digging revenue-generating material out of your blog archives.

1. E-books

Let’s get this one out of the way first, because it’s the go-to method of revenue generation for writers and bloggers. And it’s not a bad one!

Creating e-books is a fantastic way to convert your existing work into cash. The only problem with this approach — especially if your blog hasn’t quite found a big audience yet — is that the cash can be sparse initially, and selling e-books isn’t quite as profitable as most writers hope. But e-books can be a fantastic source of passive income.

2. Apps

You’d be surprised how many opportunities exist to write for apps or to partner with app creators who need content for their creations.

Think of all the apps you use — a fitness tracker, say, or Google’s latest marketing skills app. Someone had to write all those tips about sleeping well and measuring your metrics, right? That someone could be you.

3. Articles and guest posts

You know what to do when you’re running out of ideas? Look through your blog posts for articles and guest posts to pitch. But don’t just copy any old blog post and send it to editors. Look through each post and take out one key point, then pitch a story around that point only. Repurpose existing content while still providing new value.

4. Personal essays

You know you’ve ranted and raved on your blog. You may have published that awesome rant and let it gather dust or you may have deleted it later out of embarrassment. Either way, dig it up and see if you can rewrite your rant in the form of an opinion piece or an essay

5. Online courses

If your blog is educational, e-courses are almost a natural progression. Your readers will happily pay for access to your expertise.

6. Webinars and video trainings

If you have an online business, webinars and video trainings (either free or paid) are the new frontier to explore. The sooner you get involved, the better. If you struggle to choose an idea, pick a bunch of posts about the same subject and use them to get started.

7. Advertising or promotional material

If you’re a business-minded freelance writer, you know how much work and content can go into promotions, either for individual products or your business itself. Content is the engine on which online marketing runs. It’s a fantastic idea to take old posts and tweak them to create new promotional material.

SOURCE: The Write Life

7 Clever Ways to Turn Your Old Blog Posts Into Cash

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