Welcome to Rimidesigns eGallery

Hey there, art enthusiasts! I’m Ria Michael, the creative mind behind the pixels of Rimidesigns eGallery. Since 2014, I’ve been on a journey fueled by a lifelong passion for drawing and sketching. What started as a childhood fascination has blossomed into a full-fledged artistic adventure and I’m thrilled to share it with you!

Why mugs and posters?

I believe art should be a part of our daily lives — integrated into our routines, not just confined to gallery walls. That’s why I’ve chosen coffee mugs and posters as my canvas. It’s about bringing a touch of creativity into your morning coffee ritual or adorning your space with visuals that resonate.

Each piece tells a story

Every piece you find here is more than just an image; it’s a narrative woven with each stroke of my digital pen. Whether it’s the vibrant burst of colours or the subtle elegance of black and white, each creation has a tale to tell. I pour my heart and soul into every design, hoping it adds a spark of inspiration or a moment of joy to your day.

A personal connection

This isn’t just an e-shop; it’s a community of art enthusiasts. I love hearing from you — your thoughts, your stories and how my creations have found a home in your life. Feel free to drop me a message. Let’s connect over our shared love for art.

Thank you for being a part of  this journey

As I continue to explore the endless possibilities of creativity, I’m grateful for your support. Thank you for making Rimidesigns eGallery not just a marketplace but a haven for art lovers.

Here’s to more colours, more stories and more moments of art in our everyday lives.

Ria Michael