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Rimidesigns Magnify Your Content Marketing

9 Best Ways Social Media Will Magnify Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is becoming an effective way to make a profound impact on users and followers by sharing information and grabbing their attention. Using social media to marketing your content is a great way to engage with a broader audience.

So, are you looking for ways to make social media a very significant part of your content marketing? Social media and content marketing both share and enrich each other’s audience.

For example, if you have a huge social media following, you will get more readers for your content. If you can inspire your reader to play an active role in commenting and sharing, you will earn more eyes on your content. Eventually, this will help you to grow your email list smoothly.

1. Choose trending topics of your industry

Keep your eyes open to know what is happening around. People are hungry to know new things and grasp new information.

When you focus on issues and give more details, it automatically grabs attention. Current issues make your post more visible and shareable.

2. Optimise inserted images for social sharing

Images are like wind and a perfect image just can blow your reader’s mind.

If  you are using stock photos and pictures try to customise it. A relevant image can express your thought 5 times better. By adding some text over your images or adding a bit more information, it will highlight your work. You can add your quote or your website’s name over it, which also help you to get more visibility and share of your thought. Experiment with your images, text and size and try to preview how the image will appear after sharing.

If you take into consideration all of these things, then your blog will look different from all other ordinary blogs. The demand for visual content is spreading day by day.

Adding a GIF or video makes your content interesting and it stands out from other posts. Mostly people are a visual thinkers. Thus visual content allows your audience to receive your given information easily and quickly and will also enhance your brand.

3. CTA for social sharing

People usually don’t feel comfortable copying and pasting URLs on their smartphones or browsers.

Add a CTA button or use a plugin to insert a social sharing button on your posts. This will make it easier for your audience to share your post, simply by just clicking one button.

4. Inspire your audience to share

When you make it easy for your audience to share your post quickly, then you have to focus on how to inspire them to share it. Like:

  • Top sharer will win a surprise gift

  • Host a raffle and offer a ticket of a raffle with each share

  • Randomly select a winner among that who share

Also, make your presence consistent. If you don’t have time to schedule your update, then use third party apps to do the job.

5. Boost your content by inbound links

It’s tough to earn a potential link but social media makes it a little bit easier for you, if you are capable of producing interesting, informative and helpful content.

When your content grabs the attention of your audience, it goes viral. A viral content on a social media platform catches the attention of thousands of  people at once. Your domain then carries much more authority with external links. Thus social media can increase your search ranking indirectly.

6. Relationship building

Relationship building is a vital part for your social media sharing. You have to give time to your audience and treat them equally as an individual and respect their curiosity.

Besides, spending time and building a relationship with online followers will give you a chance to share your thoughts with them. If they like your ideas or content, they might share it on their network and this is an excellent opportunity to stand out from a whole new big crowd and promote your thoughts and business.

7. Competitor’s audience, your target

Try to build a good connection and relationship with your competitor’s audience. It’s the best place to challenge yourself and your work.

These days, brands know how to measure competitor’s activity and how to apply this learning in practice. Prove yourself to them that you are a useful source of information, so that you can win their attention. They will magnify your business automatically by sharing your content.

8. Find your best social media platform

A survey says that 88 per cent of businesses are growing rapidly, from small to mid-size, by using social media. But you have to find which platform will work best for you. As a recent survey says:

  • Facebook works best for B2C marketing

  • LinkedIn works best for B2B marketing

You may have a great plan, nicely crafted content and scheduled too. But if you choose a wrong platform, all your efforts will go in vain.

Grow your follower and friends in each social network. Interact with people who follow and read your content leaving a high mark for building your online presence. You can expand your online network and build a community by following influential people and sharing their post too.

9. Show your sense of humour

The language of humour and laughter is universal. Humorous content attracts more attraction and gets more likes and shares. It helps to reduce stress and receives attention quickly.

This kind of positive feeling is memorable among your audience. It helps them remember your brand and post. So a stronger emotional bond is formed when you make your audience feel better.

SOURCE: HuffPost

9 Best Ways Social Media Will Magnify Your Content Marketing

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