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5 Ways to Get Your Small Business Noticed at Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Exhibitions and trade shows can be a great place to showcase your brand and get a chance to be noticed by a vast audience. Exhibitions can often be costly, but they provide small business owners with the opportunity to interact with their target audience and they can also be an important medium for networking.

For small business owners, exhibitions and trades shows can be a great way to attract potential buyers and build a new client base. However, the biggest drawback is competition. There will be multiple companies offering similar products or services, who will all be vying for customer attention. This is why it’s crucial for small business owners to make an effort to stand out from the competition.

Here are 5 tips that will be helpful in attracting maximum visitors at exhibitions.

1. Strive for uniqueness

Most stalls at exhibitions will have the same space and appearance by default. Try to personalise your stall and adopt a look that reflects the signature colours and theme of your brand.

Be imaginative while designing your booth and try to have a theme that fits in with your brand or products. By personalising your store, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from the competition and be more recognisable to prospective customers.

2. Have marketing materials on hand

Participating in exhibitions can be a great way to market your brand, so it’s important to ensure that you have all your marketing materials ready. Well-designed and professional printed business cards are very important marketing tools, which can be used in the exhibitions. A lot of companies also offer freebies such as pens, buttons, lanyards, beverage bottles and other small tokens with company branding printed on them.

While interacting with customers, remember to share your business card and other marketing materials with them, such as simple brochures and pamphlets containing more information about your company and products.

Be sure to also place a business card collection bowl nearby or to have a clipboard, where customers can fill in their information to be contacted later.

3. Offer special discounts

In order to attract customers to your stall, you should offer some discounts or special products at the exhibition. Be sure to highlight these special offers on your promotional stall banners and on other marketing materials. It will help in attracting more customers, as people will visit in a desire to get the additional benefits. A board or sign can be placed announcing special discount to get more foot traffic.

4. Do free consultations or product demos

Doing free consultations or product demos will help encourage people to visit your stall. Encourage visitors to book for a short one-to-one consultation or offer previews and demos of your products for customers to try. Offer samples of products to customers and ensure that these samples have your business and contact info printed on the label.

5. Social media advertising

Combining offline and online marketing can have a great impact and social media marketing is the best way to do so.

Promote your participation on social media by using hashtags. Share all the information and updates regarding the exhibition across various media platforms. Highlight the additional benefits or offers that could be available through the exhibition in the social media ads. By doing so, you can generate a great deal of buzz for your event and encourage local customers to visit your stall.


Exhibitions and trade shows are a good way of attracting more customers but it requires efficient and proper planning in order to maximise the benefits of participating in such an event.

The above techniques can be of great help in getting more visitors and gaining more revenue from showcasing your products and services at exhibitions.

SOURCE: ZenBusiness

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5 Ways to Get Your Small Business Noticed at Exhibitions and Trade Shows

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