Designing a business logo is one of the most important stages in setting up a business. A business logo is the basis of the company’s branding strategy. It should epitomise everything you want people to think about your brand in a simple and captivating way. A good logo is a logo that reflects the spirit of the brand, so that people who first see the logo will already be able to know what the brand is about. A brilliant logo manages to do exactly that in a clever and unique visual language.

Rimidesigns also offers affordable logo and branding packages. The “Business Starter Pack” is designed to get your new business up and running as quickly as possible.


Do you need a logo for your business? Simply complete the logo questionnaire below and let me know more about your logo design needs to help me understand how I can assist you. I also recommend to email me a few examples of logos you like. Submit the questionnaire and I will get back to you shortly.




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